1. Knowledge Base for Travel Agencies
    2. Online support solution for travel agencies, web self-service where customer can find information such as FAQ lists, online documents, ‘how to’ procedures and guidelines. You can find out the answer for your queries through easy access to knowledge base solution.

    3. Easy access
    4. Click on the Smart Tab in Amadeus Selling Platform then you will be directed from Amadeus Selling Platform straight to the Knowledge Base content.

    5. Product Update News and Quick Card
    6. Find new Amadeus entry option here, download Quick Card, store the file in your computer, send to a friend or print as required.

    7. Our Services
    8. Functional Support.
    9. Fares Support
    10. Ticketing Support
    11. Priority in handling AIR/CAR/HTL Norecs
    12. Online hardware troubleshooting
    13. PNR analysis & problem identification
    14. System Enhancement Advisory (SEA)
    15. Security setting management
    16. Priority in problem escalation (if technical support needed)
    17. Fast update of ticket quota & CIP table